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A long-standing tradition of shaping the baking industry.

Martin’s Bakehouse is a European Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm headquartered in Hanover, Germany. We are backed by Martin Braun-Gruppe, a European leader in Bakery Ingredients and Frozen Bakery products, having its roots in 1931. Martin Braun-Gruppe is part of Geschwister Oetker Beteiligungen KG which further ensures a high quality of advising our customers on different levels by sharing knowledge and experience.

Through our DNA, we are acting as a strategic partner to scout innovators, who are ready to rethink the baking industry by working closely with international corporations, non-profit organizations and institutional investors. We are building long-term connections with partners dedicated to sustainable trends and offer funding alongside access to our widely spread customer base in decentralized markets, as well as support on regulatory and R&D.

We invest in young companies and ideas in the bakery and food industry.

What we are looking for.

We are keen to rethink the category of baking holistically.

Alternative Ingredients

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As a CVC backed with a broad portfolio of products and production entities, we have a strong interest in new and alternative ingredients. With our strong R&D departments across Europe, we are looking for solutions for traditional ingredients, alternative proteins or groundbreaking technologies in fermentation.

Better-For-You Products

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We are concerned about the impact on food products on everybody’s health. Therefore, we are driven to increase the number and quality of health products in our industry. Especially startups addressing upcoming markets are in our interest – irrespective of business model or technology.

Bakery and Foodservice Applications

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Number one priority of any baker or foodservice provider is always to create tasty products which we all like. We see opportunities beyond the traditional business model by making use of newest hardware applications which support the food producers and bakers, extend the capabilities or add further value to the business.

Services and New Ideas in the Category of Baking

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Value creation has changed in a constant way through decades. We believe that this is an ongoing process and even our industry will change in a dramatic way. Here, we are open to invest in advanced technology to play an active role in the supply chain from farm to fork.

Our investment criteria.

B2B | B2C | D2C
Seed | Series+
Flexible Ticket Size

What we offer to you.

We can help you to overcome the difficulties you face as a startup.

The underlying principle behind our strategic approach is to promote the transformation in our industry. This development brings a lot of challenges and requires new ways of thinking. Therefore, we are open to share our experience and knowledge to support you in boosting breakthrough innovations.


We can offer contact to our international customer base in bakery, foodservice, industry and retail. It depends on your needs.

Through our group network of more than 2.500 employees and 22 entities across Europe and Asia, we are facing a broad customers base across different countries - starting from traditional baking and food industry, up to a diverse portfolio of foodservice channels and retail. We have the experience with these different sales channels and are able to open the doors for your solution.

R&D | Regulatory

As an established player in the food industry, we gained state-of-the-art knowledge in R&D and are therefore familiar with regulatory issues. We know these pain points you are having.

Fermentation technology challenges the whole process of how food is getting developed and produced. We are aware of this journey by providing solutions. We all know that Biotech and Novel Food are on the rise, but the legal food framework is still behind. We can guide you through the jungle of food regulation by connecting and providing relevant information.


As a strategic investor we are not primarily driven by your quarterly results. We see your business development as a long-term journey.

Your business case needs to catch us - irrespective of your startup being in early or later-stage.


Functioning operations are everything. And having a sparring in this matter is even better.

As a decentralized organization we can offer you a unique and independent network of production entities - whether you are looking for state-of-the-art fermentation, filling equipment or for a solution to control the frozen supply chain.


Your day to day business can take a lot of your energy. We can help to guide you.

Sometimes it is helpful to have someone by your side who can act like an external advisor. Through our membership and access to more than 150 companies through the entire Geschwister Oetker world, we will find your perfect counterpart. No matter if C-, Senior- or Manager-Level.

One meeting can make the difference.

Get in touch.

Want to learn more about our direction? Get to know us! Please reach out through our contact form or send us an E-Mail to with your request. Afterwards we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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